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Picture of Cocoa tree branch with cocoa fruits hanging off.

Responsible Sourcing

Working with many communities, suppliers and business partners around the world, we have set standards to carefully select our partners who align with our mission and values. All of our partners undergo internal and external audits to make sure they continuously support and advance our sustainability efforts.

Expectations For Our Suppliers

As a founding member of , we also adhere to the Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit. This audit evaluates suppliers against a common set of Corporate Social Responsibility standards to drive efficiency on performance improvement for the consumer goods industry. In 2016, 218 of our key suppliers — 99 percent of our 2016 target group of highest priority suppliers — completed the audit, in addition to the 388 suppliers audited in 2014 and 286 audited in 2015. See our 2016 Impact For Growth Progress Report at page 9.

While there are several PROGRESS recognized audit protocols, Mondelēz International along with many in the industry, primarily require an audit to the SMETA (Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit) protocol. To learn more about SMETA audits . For an overview of PROGRESS and SEDEX, click here.

德赢体育appTo help address the need for global social responsibility in the supply chain, we are continuing to leverage supplier self assessments and third party ethical practice audits. To lessen the burden of audits and to align the industry on the key issues, we support mutual recognition of audits. The goal of  is to satisfy the needs of many through a common audit framework and sharing network.

Loving Our People and Our Environment

德赢体育appWe believe everyone in our operations and supply chain should be treated fairly and with dignity to protect human rights and create a positive work environment. We are driving a comprehensive approach to social sustainability across our business and invest in key commodity programs, like Cocoa Life in cocoa and Harmony in wheat, to ensure our ingredients are sourced sustainably and ethically.

Learn More About Our Supply Chain Expectations