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Boy drinks from a glass of orange tang.

Introduced: 1957

Enjoyed across Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, Tang is the leading brand in our powdered beverage portfolio. This fresh, fruit-flavored drink is available in a variety of flavors - based on local consumers’ preferences - and is fortified with minerals and vitamins.

Quick Facts


Tang is sold in more than 30 countries around the world

2 years

that's the tine spent on research and development before Tang was launched


Tang jar from 1957 with a glass full of tang next to it.


德赢体育appTang launches in the U.S. and comes in 7-ounce and 14-ounce glass jars.

Black and white photo of an astronaut drinking Tang out of a pouch. Picture from 1965


Gemini 4 astronauts bring Tang along on their mission and all manned space flights for the next 10 years.

Ad from 1968 of an Apollo astronaut's life support system. Includes various gear and features tang products.


Tang sponsors TV coverage of America’s first manned flight around the moon, Apollo 8.

Illustration from 1995 of an orangutan holding a spoon with tang powder in it over a jar of tang.


Tang introduces its famous orangutan “spokescharacter” in a bold new advertising campaign.





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